ICST offers programs designed to comprehensively address your child’s learning needs. We provide a number of programs based on the age of your child:

  • Pre-Kindergarten Programs
  • Kindergarten Programs
  • Primary & Secondary Programs
  • After School Programs

Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Our pre-kindergarten programs help your child’s development in four key areas: social/emotional, cognitive, language and physical. By the end of this program, your child will learn to have better control with scissors, paint brushes, and pencils while learning to write the alphabet. We provide an ideal platform that lets children share their thoughts with their newly acquired speaking skills. Communication skills are reinforced through reading and writing. Outdoor activities involve fun and play – and help improve muscle control and motor coordination.

We observe the developing pace of every child. Our learning environment is always engaging and fun-filled.

Kindergarten Programs

We offer a comprehensive Kindergarten program that allows your child to have fun learning science, mathematics, creative arts, language, social studies and motor activities. The program also emphasizes developing oral and writing skills. Students also use classroom computers.

Your child will benefit from the special attention that comes from a small and responsive classroom environment.

 Primary & Secondary Programs

ICS of Thailand offers Academic programs to both Primary & Secondary level using the infamous Accelerated Christian Education Learning System that is an individualized method of teaching students. We are affiliated with the School of Tomorrow Asia through the academic materials that we are using which is referred to as PACEs.

Through these PACEs, the students will learn to be independent, disciplined and most of all learn all Biblical based curriculum which will not just educate the student Academically but Spiritually as well.

After-School Programs (Only for those who are willing to Avail)

Interdenominational Christian School of Thailand provides before- and after-school programs for children under the age of 12 years. We help your child improve in art, music, health and physical education, along with the standard subjects of mathematics, social sciences, language and science. Our program also helps your child develop a sense of imagination, self-awareness and creativity.


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