ICST Mission and Vision


In the fulfillment of the Great Commission, the ICS of Thailand exists as an arm of the New Testament Body, with a mandate to produce well-rounded individual that is:

Ø  Grown-up     to  Maturity

Ø  Obedient       to  God-ordained authority

Ø  Dedicated     to  Christian Service

Ø  Loyal            to  God-chosen leader

Ø  Yielding        to  God’s Will

as an instrument of righteousness to bring the blessings for a sustainable development in a globally competitive society.


Under the Never – changing Biblical Principles of success, the ICS – TH stands firm that:

Ø  Godly Values                  – Preserved

Ø  Righteous Living             – Practiced

Ø  Academic Excellence      – Produced

Ø  Christian Education         – Protected

Ø  Efficient Learner              – Proven

Always abounding in the work of the Lord, ready to face the demands, challenges and changes of a globally evolving standard.


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