About ICST

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Welcome to Interdenominational Christian School of Thailand!

Interdenominational Christian SchoolHouse of Thailand provides quality education to children under the age of 12 years and above. Our school is known for its homey atmosphere and healthy environment.
At Interdenominational Christian SchoolHouse of Thailand, our curriculum focuses on holistic development – emotional, mental, physical, intellectual and social. Learning begins from day one in a warm and trusting environment where children can flourish. Families get ample opportunity to participate in a number of activities that include art, singing, gardening, computer fun and competitions.
ICST uses one of the best Learning Curriculum System in the world today which is the Accelerated Christian Education Learning System with educational materials coming from the School of Tomorrow USA.
Our offerings include:
Pre-Kindergarten Programs
Kindergarten Programs
Elementary & High School Education Programs
After School Programs                                                                      Online School through Quipper School

At Interdenominational Christian School of Thailand, children are happy – and complaint-free! Check out what parents have to say about us. Contact us with any questions.

We can provide your child with a home away from home. Interdenominational Christian School of Thailand was started to address the needs of today’s family – in an inspiring, loving, and caring environment. Our programs are designed to enhance your child’s development through a well-structured and creative curriculum.

At our center, your child feels safe, protected, loved and wanted – just like at home.

Our programs offer diverse opportunities that allow your child to develop new skills and enhance existing ones. A wide range of indoor and outdoor activities will stimulate your child’s physical growth. We also arrange frequent family get-togethers so parents can interact with teachers.

We help your child develop a positive self-image, a sense of independence and self-discipline – and lay the foundation for a happy and successful life ahead.



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