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good-news1As a Parent…what concerns us the most, especially us Filipinos who are working abroad? Our children and their education, as well as their well-being.

I, too am a parent and one of my worries way back then is our children’s education. We were worried as to what would their future be like especially here in Thailand. Where will they study and learn skills that they will need to prepare for their future. We prayed hard and earnestly to God and God led us to Accelerated Christian Education.  The burden of being able to provide our children with the kind of education that doesn’t just shape outward capabilities of a person but above all else, the kind of education that will also shape our children’s spiritual consciousness about  God and His will in their lives.

How does one define quality education? Does it rely on the kind of curriculum that the learner is using, or does it rely on the ability of the learner to comprehend. Accelerated Christian Education offers two fields in Education…Academic and  Spiritual awareness as it just don’t develop the learners intellect when it comes to academic subjects but it also  awakens the child’s spiritual awareness of who God is in their lives. That achieving academic excellence is not the primary goal in life but preparing oneself in the afterlife, as to where would they spend their eternity.

Our concern us parents especially us, OFW’s is that we want as much as possible our children to be within our reach. Where we can care for them, look for their well-being and provide for their basic necessities as well as provide them with the love and care even if we are busy working with our God given jobs.

One of our worries way back then was, what happens next when our kids finishes High School. Do we have to send them away far from us back to the Philippines for them to be able to pursue their chosen careers? It was through our eldest son that such burden has been answered by God. We don’t have to send them back home to the Philippines and live there by themselves, why do that when they can actually study here in Thailand and pursue a career…teaching career that is.

Good thing that my son decided to pursue such career and we found a University where he was accepted. Take note, he was accepted into that University using the Accelerated Christian Education/ School of Tomorrow credentials.

What is good about it is that this University provides him with student visa and above all it is not as costly as the other International Colleges and Universities in Bangkok.

So, what does it mean?…It means that Interdenominational Christian School of Thailand using Accelerated Christian Education curriculum found a school for your son/daughter to pursue his/her Teaching Career.  It’s just one career option but we’ll never know, our God is full of surprises.

This is what makes ICST different from other Filipino home schools here in Thailand. So, if you’re looking for a school for your children, a school that will not only teach your child to be educated but rather to be true follower of Christ. Look for a School of Tomorrow School with an Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum.

ICST will be opening an extension in BangYai to help other Filipinos in looking for a school especially for their children. BangYai extension will cater Filipino kids living with their parents within the vicinity and nearby Towns and Municipalities.

For inquiries please call 0853227793 or leave us a message on our Facebook Page or visit ICST Main in 22/12 Ngamwongwan Rd., Soi 1/1 Amphur Mueang Bangkraso, Nonthaburi Thailand.

For Filipinos living within Bangkok Area, Christian Bible Baptist Church Thailand Outreach is now accepting enrollees for the school year 2017-2018.

The school is located in 169/1 Yaek 7 Soi 11 Sathorn Road, Yan Nawa  Sathorn,  Bangkok. For details and information Call 0951434603 and look for Sir Dylan or Maam Jing.

Indeed, there is bright future waiting ahead for ICST/ACE graduates who wishes to pursue a teaching career here in the Land of Smile. What is good about it is that their Teaching Degree is also recognized internationally. Such news is indeed a blessing for us parents who don’t want our children to be living or studying far apart from us.

To find more about the University that accepts ICST/ACE graduates feel free to call the number above.