Physics Experiments for all Level

Posted: 05/20/2014 in Uncategorized

For your respective Science/Physics experiment..kindly refer to your assigned experiment. Just follow what is on the Student’s guide, that’s the experiment that you are going to do together with your assigned group or partner.

You’ll present your experiments during the last week of June. Just copy or print your assigned experiment on the pdf file which can be found on the link below. Copy your assigned experiment on your Experiment Notebook.

Click this link to view or save the file…Ben Franklin’s Secret Message (2006) pq06-manual

Make sure that you read all the directions and instructions properly, ask the help of your Parents and Teachers if you don’t understand your assigned experiment.

Here is the list of Groups/Partners.

Group I (Traveling Charges)

Yanni Oliver

Rod Vincent

Jezieth Diaella Dawn

Jasey Neo


Group II (Opposites Attracts)


Kiff Zee

Kyla Garcila

David Joshua


Group III (Bring It Into Focus)

Khiara Denise

Lih Hannah

Terence Rufer


Group presentation will start on the first week of July, so be sure to be ready and prepared to do your assigned experiments.




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